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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walt Disney Cops a Feel

I am not in the habit of besmirching someone's name, but occasionally I feel inclined to make snarky comments about something I see in a video. Click on the following link and pay attention around the four-minute mark:


Personally, I think I would go for the belly or the waist in such circumstances, but then again I've never had to try to keep a lady from falling face-first off a dock. Still, could there be a more awkward way to steady a tipsy woman?

I'd love to be privy to the conversation that took place when all the cameras and microphones were gone. Maybe it would sound like a scene from Raging Bull. "Did you feel my wife? Did you feel my wife?"

By the way, where were my mermaids? I remember when I was little and went on the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride thinking that I really was in the deep, so I can only imagine how thrilled I would have been if I had seen mermaids! Would've been way better than animatronic squids.

I wonder how many youngsters hit early puberty on Disney's Nautilus. Submerge a boy, surface a man.

And I love how things in this old film devolve from "we can use this new submersible technology to learn and explore and bring peace and progress as humanity" to four straight minutes of scantily clad women with fin attachments doing water ballet.


Dan said...

I know that this is over a month old but I don't get to spend so much time online very often. So here we go...

John 1:46 - Nathanael

The Pink Panther 2 was decent.

Fanboys was a ripoff of the road trip movie that me, Matt Notaro, and Matt Perry came up with back in high school (maybe I was a freshman in college). So I refuse to see it.

Kapricious T said...

Dan, you're right about the Bible reference, as I knew you would be, so you get two cookies. However, you commented on the wrong post, so I'm taking one cookie back.

Better aim next time.