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Monday, June 21, 2010

Relative accomplishments

I accomplished something today that I have long wished to accomplish: I learned to drive stick-shift. That is, I basically learned. The real accomplishment will be taking a bus to Florida and making it back to New York with my uncle's five-speed truck in one piece.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Writing for writing's sake

I asked my friends to hold me accountable to writing at least one blog entry per day for a week, starting this past Friday. Today is Sunday, meaning I've already dropped the ball two days in a row. (Well, technically the clock switched over to Monday 44 minutes ago, but this should still count as a Sunday night blog.)

Truth is, I don't even think to log in every day unless something has happened that day to inspire me to write something I think is worth others' time to read, and even when something worth writing about does happen, if I don't write about it right away, I forget to write about it later.

One thing that happens a lot is that I receive inspiration on the road. I get a lot of good writing ideas while I'm driving. Unfortunately, it would be dangerous and potentially counterproductive to write down ideas while I'm driving, because I firmly believe that it's difficult to blog about things when you're dead. (I'm also hoping that I won't care much about blogging in the afterlife.) I tried talking into a digital recorder once on a road trip, but all I got on the playback was ambient driving noise.

Sometimes, when I'm being particularly prudent and deliberate about my writing, I'll pull over and write something down while the thoughts are fresh. But even this can be dangerous, and annoying, if I'm trying to pull over every five minutes. I guess what I should do is take a few minutes to write in a journal every time I arrive somewhere.

Now, here's hoping I remember to do that. And there, meager and "meta" as it may be, is Sunday's post.