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Monday, April 18, 2011


We tend to think of disillusionment as a bad thing. Actually, disillusionment is a very good thing. It begins with negativity, and that can't be avoided. But to become disillusioned is to see through the charade. If you believe the illusion, you believe the lie. It is fine to believe the illusion at a live stage show. It is perilous to believe it in your everyday life. To become disillusioned is to see through the lie. It is to perceive reality. And it is unavoidably disheartening. But it can also serve as a catalyst for positive change. Disillusionment, if we embrace our newfound sense of what is real, can spur us on to the beginning of a journey toward discovering Truth. This is an always difficult and often lonely journey; but to seek after the Truth is always a good thing, and will lead the honest seeker to the Best of Things.