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Monday, December 28, 2009

What are Kapricious Thoughts?

I had a minor epiphany today, and I owe it to Bob Vila. My ambition is to blog more often, daily if possible, but it seems my ambition overreaches my ability to motivate myself. Then it hit me.

I had just ordered Chinese food at a little place called the Great Wall in a strip mall on Binghamton's Front Street. I stepped outside to call my friend. (Time waiting for Chinese is often my time to make a phone call.) As I was talking to my friend on my cell, I was pacing up and down the sidewalk. As I passed a store called Northgate Vacuum, which was closed but still had a few lights on inside, I turned to walk back in the other direction and was startled to see, through the glass, a man standing in the shadows with his arms crossed, watching me. Then I realized he wasn't moving. Then I realized he was two-dimensional. Then I realized he was made of cardboard. And then I realized he was Bob Vila. It is amazing how many realizations the human brain can make in less than a second.

Then I thought, this would be a funny thing to talk about on my blog, but how can I make a decent-sized article about being startled by a life-size cardboard Bob Vila? The answer was, I don't have to. I call this blog "Kapricious Thoughts." Capricious thoughts can be brief thoughts, random thoughts, non-sequitors. That is the nature of capriciousness.

So my new goal is to post at least one "Kapricious Thought" per day, provided I have the electronic capabilities. Most will be brief, simple, random. It would certainly take off the pressure to "craft" something when I have no direction. And then maybe my brief, simple, random thoughts will grow on their own. I love when writing takes on a life of its own. It reminds me why I like doing it, because sometimes I surprise myself.

Anyway, there's today's Kapricious Thought: While waiting for my Chinese food, I was startled by a life-size cardboard cutout of Bob Vila.


splenderful said...

My friend, Jan and I, lauged hysterically at your blog post about Bob Villa!!!

Kapricious T said...

I have added a Twitter feed to my blog. Now I can add brief thoughts more regularly without making full posts out of them.