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Monday, November 9, 2009

You may want to see a doctor about that....

Last night, during the football game between the New York Giants (who sadly lost) and the San Diego Chargers, CBS aired a commercial in which an middle-aged-to-old man is walking down the sidewalk next to a building with large glass windows. His reflection starts asking him questions about whether or not he talked to his doctor. The man is justifiably startled by this and tries to get away by turning the corner.

There are large windows on this side too, however, so his reflection easily catches up to him and continues asking him about--are you ready?--his erectile dysfunction. We, the viewers, then discover that the man is trying to keep the conversation hush-hush, not because his reflection is trying to talk to him on a busy street in broad daylight, but because of WHAT his reflection is trying to talk to him about.

When I realized what was going on in this ad, I asked my friend, "Are we really watching an ad in which a man is having a conversation with his reflection about erectile dysfunction?" My friend concurred that we were.

Listen, Mister, if you're walking down the street in the middle of the day and start having a conversation about your penis with your reflection in a window, your problems may go a little deeper than erectile dysfunction.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I daresay that someone having any kind of 2-way conversation with his reflection needs help with more than whatever the conversation may be about... I hate those commercials.

Daniel said...

It seems that advertising agents are running out of ways to advertise.

Kapricious T said...

Maybe they'll start going for more interface with people on the street. Suppose you're walking down the street, and you walk by a large glass window. Now suppose that window is actually a giant computer screen that motion captures your reflection and then generates an animated version of your reflection that will start talking to you and trying to get you to buy some male enhancement products. Invasive pop-up ads are the future.