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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Scribblings

I like to record random things during my work day: things I overhear people say (I call it my "Completely Out-of-Context Quote Collection") or random little things that amuse me, disturb me, or make me stop and think. Sometimes, they're just brief thoughts that spring from my own slightly off-kilter brain.

Here, entirely as-scribbled, are three random things I wrote down at work:

1) "Lord help me, I've got this exuberant 50 yr old woman yelling to me in the middle of a store full of customers, 'Smell me! Feel me!'"

You know what, I think I'll put that one in context. This particular exuberant woman works in the jewelry store that connects directly into the bookstore where I work. That morning she'd been working in a shop called the Apothecary, sampling perfumes and lotions to customers by dabbing them on her arms, as is the custom in such silly stores. She's actually an alright person to work with--just exuberant. And Texan, I think, which is its own brand of exuberance.

2) "I think that 4-yr-old just shot me a gang sign on his way out the door."

Looked like a West Side. But more cowboy-ish. And more 4-yr-old-ish.

3) "What is the opposite of 'sexually active'? 'Sexually passive'?"

That last one was one of my random thoughts--a capricious one, if you will.

I'll close with a quote from a book: "There is nothing more likely to ruin a night's sleep than the imperative of having to get a good night's sleep or else." (from Weird Hikes by Art Bernstein)

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